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Mantra MFS 110 L1 Software

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Mantra Driver Download for MFS 110 L1 Software – Windows. The Mantra MFs110 thumbprint  L1 scanner uses optical technology to ensure high-quality fingerprint scanning. L1 is next generation biometric device which ensures more safety of users’ data. Get free drivers along with installation support here at Radium Box.

The MS110  L1 fingerprint scanner is a biometric device by mantra softech that has been certified by the FBI PIV-071006 for compliance as a fingerprint scanner.It has an IP54 certification, MS110  L1 Windows Rd Service driver with download guide has been specially prepared for users who are looking to download the latest driver package for this Mantra L1 device


Mantra MFS110 is an L1 Fingerprint Scanner that is built on an optical fingerprint sensor for error-free scanning with high security and durability.

Morpho MSO 1300 E3 RD L1

The MSO 1300 E3 RD L1 is a high-end optical fingerprint USB reader. The devices cover a wide range of applications: enrollment, authentication and identification in industrial/commercial and governmental environments. The device was STQC certified as Registered Devices L1 and therefore can be used in the UIDAI ecosystem.

Mantra Manual :

Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Compact device
Convenient to carry
Simple to operate
High speed USB 2.0 interface
with secured communication
MINEX Compliance
Extractor Scratch free Sensor Surface
Auto Finger Detection Lower FAR and FRR 500 DPI optical
fingerprint sensor
Supports Android
Operating Systems
Supports Windows
Operating Systems
Supports Linux
Operating Systems
MFS110 is an elegant fingerprint device used for identification, verification & authentication
processes of an individual. MFS110 offers secured biometrics data, error-free and reliable
identification based on unique fingerprint biometric technology. It is fast & easy-to-use. It
can be used as an alternative or a complement to those hard-to-remember passwords.
www.mantratec.com MANTRA
At a Glance
Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Fingerprint Sensor Type
Spatial Resolution
Platen Area
Sensing Area
: Optical Sensor
: 500 DPI +/- 2%
: 16.0 mm x 19.0 mm
: 13.0 mm x 16.5 mm
Parameters Specification
Sensor Characteristics
Image size
Image Grayscale
Light Source
Maximum Acquisition time
(Placement to Template)
Approx. Dimension (L x W x H)
: 256 x 328 Pixels
: 256 (8 – Bit Gray Level)
: Red LED
: < 2 Sec
: 61(L) x 91(W) x 54(H) mm
Approx. Weight
Capture mode
: 0.140 kg
: Auto capture with built-in quality check
(incorporates NIST quality considerations)
Crypto operation
Secure Memory
: Hardware base RSA2048 Key Genration, AES-GCM-256,
SHA-256, TRNG support
: TEE support by the device. Secure memory support key
wraping feature
Secure Boot : Secure boot support by the device
Parameters Specification
Operating Voltage
Operating Current
Stand by Current
: 5V +/- 5% (USB Powered Device)
: <90 mA
: 50 mA
: USB 2.0
Parameters Specification
www.mantratec.com MANTRA
Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Humidity (Operating / Storage)
: 0 to 50 °C
: 0 to 50 °C
: < 90% RH, Non-condensing
Parameters Specification
Compliant to Following Standard
Biometric Data Interchange Format
Environmental, Health and Safety
: ISO 19794-2 for minutiae & ISO 19794-4 for Image Template in Encrypted
PID Data Block
: RoHS
: EN/IEC 62368-1, IS 13252 (Part 1)
EMI / EMC Compliance
Image Quality Complaince
: CE, FCC Part 15B
Parameters Specification
IP Rating : IP54
Device Driver
Operating System
: WHQL certified
: Windows 10 & above OR Android 7 & above

Morpho Manual :

Purpose of document
To provide pre-requisites to run L1 biometric device on Windows System.
Pre-Requisite for running RD Service
Prerequisite for S/W
OS: Windows 10
Web Browser: Chrome (Minimum version 60), Mozilla Firefox (Minimum version v56.0), and Edge
Prerequisites for H/W
MSO 1300 E3 RD Sensor
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

RD Service Installation Steps
1. Right click on Windows_L1-L0_RDService installer and run the same as an administrator,
which will install both L0 & L1 RD service on user’s system.

Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

2. After Installation below folder will be created for both L1 and L0 RD service in C:\ drive.
IdemiaL1RdService folder will be created for L1 RD service & MorphoRdServiceL0Soft
will be created for L0 RD service (Earlier MorphoRdServiceL0Soft folder was as it is getting
created for L0 RD Service so there is no change in the same).
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

3. In case of using proxy server for L1 devices, please go to
C:\IdemiaL1RdService\RDService folder and set IsEnabled to true in
mc_configuration.xml, enter proxy server IP/URL & port and save the Configuration file.
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

4. In case it is required to test L1 RD service into pre-production environment then please
follow below steps to configure RD service for pre-production environment.
 Go to C:\IdemiaL1RdService\RDService, open mc_configuration.xml and set
LoginServer to pre-prod like below and save the configuration (By default login
sever is set to Prod only).
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

 Again in C:\IdemiaL1RdService\RDService folder, open rd_configuration.xml
and set RDDetail to PreProd like below and save the configuration ((By default
login sever is set to Prod only).
5. After making changes in configuration, please re-start Idemia L1 RD Service from services.
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

MSO Device Driver Installation
1. Now connect whitelisted Idemia L1 finger print scanner to the system. After
connecting the device to the system the device driver will be installed.
2. If device driver is not installed properly then please follow below steps:
A) Right click on This PC and click on manage
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

B) Now click on Device Manager and check MorphoSmart MSO1300E3 driver under
Universal Serial Bus Controllers .If the driver is present there with yellow warning sign(
) like below
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

C) Then Right click on the device driver icon->click on Update Driver- > “Browse My
Computer for Driver Software” -> Let me Pick from a list of device drivers on my computer-
>Have Disk->Browse- >go to “C:\Morpho\MorphoSmart USB Driver” and select
“usbBioDriver.inf” in Driver search location and click on Next for completion of manual driver
installation and restart the machine for driver installation finalization
After restart, it must be shown as below in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers in device
3. After successful device driver installation and proper device connection to the system
Device registration will start and user will get below popup on screen.
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

4. User will get below popup on screen once INIT Process will be completed successfully.
Finger print Device will be in ready state once user gets above popup message.
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

User can check RD service status, device info and biometric capture through shared RD test
1. RD Service Status: Click on RD Service to check the status of RD Service as same
should be in Ready state.
2. DeviceInfo: Click on deviceInfo to get the device detail.
Installation Manual – Windows L1 RD Service
Version 1.0

3. Capture: Click on Capture to capture biometric of user. Once biometric will be captured,
RD service capture response will be generated in XML form.
After successful biometric capture from RD test page user can check
biometric capture from client application to perform the transaction in
pre-production environment.

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