iibf question answer pdf in all language

 1. We should keep our savings with banks because a) It is safe b) Earns interest c) Can be withdrawn anytime d) All of above 2. Bank does not give loan against a) Gold Ornaments b) LIC policy c) Lottery ticket d) NSC 3. Bank having maximum number of branches in India a) Reserve … Read more

csc e-mobility e-rickshaw

CSCSPV has engaged with three renowned manufacturing company on E-mobility services those who wants to take a sub-dealership of that company.Interested VLEs now can apply from the mentioned link (https://eseva.csccloud.in/evehicle/Default.aspx ) Capital requirement I. For E-Rickshaws Rs. 2,00,000/-(Two Lacs) security for 2 Vehicles. (Security amount is refundable) II. VLE have to pay TTI (Tools, Training … Read more

csc id card download online full process

CSC allow all VLEs ID card (Identity Card) for print and use daily basic , Full Process & steps Below :- Visit : https://register.csc.gov.in/ Click On My Account Type csc id & Fill Captcha Click i Agree & submit Connect finger print device in your pc / Computer scan fingerprint after open your account, click id … Read more

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uti pan card photo signature resize online apply

Merge PDF :       Photo Resize Upload Photo Required Width in Pixels Required Height in Pixels Required DPI Value Result properties   Width (px)        Height (px)    Resolution (dpi)  Get Photo Signature Resize Upload Photo Required Width in Pixels Required Height in Pixels Required DPI Value Result properties   Width … Read more

morpho rd service update driver download with problem solve

Morpho :- As per UIDAI (Aadhaar Govt. of India) you can access & use only registered biometric device in your authentication in Morpho Fingerprint device Can access to you for this service to her clinte in India . Morpho device can access from Mobile & Computer also, You can use biometric Device With software to … Read more

csc aadhaar update service (ucl)

Dear VLE , This is to inform you that Registration for the ‘ Aadhaar Demographic ‘ Update service ( UCL ) । will begin soon through Digital Seva Portal . You are requested to kindly beware of any fraudulent registration messages / emails / calls . Mandatory requirements • VLE Bank BC Code & Name … Read more

csc commission

csc commission

CSC Digipay Commission : Digipay Commission Distribution Transaction Amount Vle Share TDS (5%) Net Vle Commission <100 0 0 0 100 0.32 0.016 0.304 200 0.72 0.036 0.684 300 1.12 0.056 1.064 400 1.52 0.076 1.444 500 1.92 0.096 1.824 600 2.32 0.116 2.204 700 2.72 0.136 2.584 800 3.12 0.156 2.964 900 3.52 0.176 … Read more

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