New Mantra Latest MFS100 RD Service 1.0.4 and Update Driver Download

New Mantra Latest MFS100 RD Service 1.0.4 and Update Driver Download

Download Mantra Rd Software : Visit Now 

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Download Official Website :

MFS100, MFS100V54 & MIS100V2 RD Service (Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance), MFS100 & MIS100V2 Driver and MFS100 Client service (Non-Aadhaar Application) setup including pre-requisites and test application.

RD Service Download Link
Montra RD  (1.0.3 & Visit
WINDOWS Download MFS100 Driver
WINDOWS Download MIS100V2 RD Service
[Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance (also download and install driver setup)]
WINDOWS Download MIS100V2 Driver
WINDOWS Download MFS100 Client Service
ANDROID Download MFS100 RD Service
[Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance]
ANDROID Download MIS100V2 RD Service
[Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance]

Download Mantra Rd Software

It is recommended to install latest driver setup for dependency installation of latest Client Service.

Last Uploaded on 2022
It is recommended to install latest driver setup for dependency installation of latest RD Service.

Download Mantra Drivers and Mantra RD service from the link and then installed it. Also we can check RD service installed or not properly
with two services available in system – Mantra AVDM, Mantra AVDM Helper
Check device installed or not in Computer Manage –
Computer > Right click > Manage > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controller > MFS100 ( Yellow : not installed properly ) ( Grey : Installed
properly ) > Also check by click on properties
For device testing –
C drive > Program files > Mantra > MFS 100 > Drivers > MFS100 Test > Mantra.MFS100.Test > Run as administrator > Blue app will get open >
Initialize > Start capture >
Scan finger > Success

Download Mantra Rd Software

For RD service –
Browser > > Discover AVDM > wait for some seconds > Discovered successfully > start capture > scan finger > success
If both test application’s gave success message that means device is working properly.
Sr. No. Errors MFS100 Resolutions
In computer Manage when code 52 is coming then need to follow these instructions –
Code 52 link –
MFS100 drivers 1005 setup –
First install code 52 drivers and then update 1005 drivers manually, after that check device icon in manage > then asked unplug device and restart the

Download Mantra Rd Software

Then after restart install code 52 drivers again ( device is unplugged only ) > then plug device and check with test application.
In this error device is public so need to register it and then check by unplug and plug the device.
If again it is showing public then click on ‘register’ button and then OK.
Check device serial number in AVDM portal, may be it is registered but not with ‘0’. So that means correct serial number is not
registered so need to register that number again with ‘0’.
Then asked client to unplug and plug the device and check again.
This is related to proxy server in client system.
First we need to check the URL – ” “. If this URL not run in clinet’s system then he has to check his network security
issues, because without accessing this site we can not process further.

If this site is accessing on client’s system properly then we need to check the proxy settings –
Internet explores > Tools > Internet options > Connections > LAN Settings > If proxy server check box is checked then –
Services > Mantra AVDM > Right click > Properties > Log On > Enter system’s user name and password
Mantra AVDM Helper > Right click > Properties > Log On > Enter system’s username and password

How To Check Mantra  RD Work or Not

Then check again with the ” ” .

PIN Requires reset (this
error will be returned if
resident is using the
default PIN which needs
to be reset before
Suggested Message to
the User:
Please reset your PIN in
UIDAI updation application
and use new PIN in this
Suggested instructions to the
Please change your default PIN
through UIDAI updation client and
resend your authentication request.
Probable Reasons
This error will be returned if resident is
using the default PIN which needs to
be reset before usage.
3 Error – 720 : Device is not ready
Error – 4003 : web exception : remote
name could not be solved
error – 571
Site – ” “
Code 52
Error – 215 : Device is not registered
This error was coming while UIDAI server was getting updated, so this is related to aadhaar server, we can not
help into it.
In this error first need to clear and close all background apps and then check if not done,
Settings > Apps > Mantra management client > Clear Cache > Force Stop > restart the handset
Then check again.
This means, device ia being used in more than 10 handsets. Its limit is of maximum 10 handset , while using in 11th one
it will give this error and also not work into that.
Need to use device in previous 10 handsets only.
Need to check log file of that client by developer.
Log file path – C drive > Program data ( Unhide ) > Mantra > CRD > Log > latest file
For unhide folder – Organize > view > folders > show all
10 Code 28 It means divers has not installed, so need to install it again. If not done then need to change the system.
11 Code 10 Unplug and plug the device again.
Need to change the date and time of the system, it must be incorrect that’s why this error will come. So correct the date
and time of the system and then time zone also need to be set ” chennai, kolkata..”
Change the time zone of the system , neet to be set – ” 5.30 – Chennai/ Kolkata “
Also turn off the Windows firewall in the system – Control Panel > System and securities > Firewall > OFF
Also check internet connectivity , is it proper or not.
This error comes when scanner is unable to detect finger in 15 second or user has not placed finger on scanner.
Ask user to place finger properly.
In this we can try by uninstall and install the RD Service from the system. And then again check by turn off the
firewall in the system.
In this error may be some issue occurs with the port or device’s OTG cable. So check both handset’s port and Device
OTG cable. If not done then needs to be repair the device.
9 Error – 4001 : System.configuration
Code 214 : Invalid data
Code 2100 : network / time zone issue
Code 700 – Captured Times out
Error 1001 – : Unable to
connect to the remote server
Code 740 : Need to reinitialize the device
Error – 216 : UIDAI server is not reachable
Error – 6 : Used by another application
Error – 207 : Maximum limit exceeded

Error Code Category Issue Screen Shot Resolution
Mantra RD
UIDAI server timeout while registration of
new device.
Kindly contact UIDAI along with MANTRA to
confirm UIDAI server availibity.
Mantra RD
Root Element is
Change service logon of service using below
a. Open path “Control Panel\All
Control Panel Items\Administrative
b. Open Services” and choose services
“Mantra AVDM” and “Mantra
AVDM Helper”
c. Right click on each server and go to
property  Logon  This Account
d. Enter username and password and
restart each service.
e. Connect device and check it.
Service not
Mantra RD
Mantra AVDM
Service Not
shown in
Service folder.
Unable to install RD service in
Windows Home basic and
Windows Single User operating
system. Like windows 7,8,10.
RD service is not supporting windows home
basic and single user mode as OS features
are limited to this editions.
Mantra Rd
Services Restart
Required after
few days of
We required Restart services
after installation of few days.
Please try to resolve this issue
Kindly ellobroate the reason/error
Error “521” Mantra Rd
When RD
Service reinstall
to Formatted
When reinstall Mantra RD
service setup after formated
system, we get an error in front
end “operator authorisation
failed” but in log it shows
“521” error code.
If new device registered, then UIDAI
mirroring server will take 5 to 24 hours for
device reflected in its all server.
So it is reqeusted to registered device one
day prior before use it.
Mantra Rd
Could not
connect to
vendor server.
Below are the possibilities:
May user having no internet connectivity.
a. May user using proxy setting for
internet access. If yes then add
proxy to “Internet Explorer
Browser” and change service logon
from local system to user account
as mentioned earlier into this
b. May user network having blockage
policy. This this case below IPs,
port, domain and its all subdomain
will be allowed in inbound and
outbound rule in firewall or
Primary Server IP:
Secondary Server IP:
DR Server:
Domain: *
Port: 443

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