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Dear VLE

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)  will be issuing Digitally Signed Certificate to the candidates who have enrolled and passed the examination conducted from 1st Oct-2019 onwards.
The Certificate will be emailed to the email id of the candidate registered with the Institute. Institute will not send paper certificate to the candidates who are passed BC/BF examination from 01st Oct onwards.
We have already generated e-certificate who are passed the examination between 01st Oct 2019 to 15th Nov 2019,  E mail will be sent to all these candidates
You might be aware that for running banking services, RBI made this certificate mandatory and You are, therefore, advised to co-operate the BCs who contact you for seeking help regarding BC Certification Examinations through CSCSPV and enable the BCs to get their CSPs certified as early as possible.

*** New application through csc https://iibf.esdsconnect.com/CSCNonreg/member/?Mtype=Tk0=&ExId=OTkx

**** Re-apply https://iibf.esdsconnect.com/nonmem/

**** Note:-
Link to download admit card if not received :- https://iibf.esdsconnect.com/nonreg/memlogin/?Extype=Mg==&Mtype=Tk0=&ExId=MTAx

Steps to download admit card :-
1) Open the link to download admit card.
2) put your registration / member number at Membership No field.
3) Click on download admit card option.
4) CLick on IIBF link to download it

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