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All information contained in this EOIprovided/clarified are in good interest and faith. This is not an agreement and is not an offer or invitation to enter into an agreement of any kind with any party.CSC e Governance Services India Ltd.

(CSCSPV), reserves all rightsto rejectthe EOIgiving 15days’ prior notice to Vendors empaneled.CSC SPVreserves the right to amend any or all of the provisions in subsequently EOIdocument. Such changes would be posted on the website ( CSCSPV, nor its employees and associates will have any liability to any prospective respondent interested to apply or any other person under the law of contract, tothe principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any loss, expense or damage which may arise from or be incurred or suffered in connection with anything contained in this EOIdocument, any matter deemed to form part of this EOIdocument, the information and any other information supplied by or on behalf of CSC SPVor their employees and applicantor otherwise arising in any way from the selection process for the Empanelment of AgencyInformation provided in this document or imparted to any respondent as part of the EOIprocess is confidential to CSC SPVand shall not be used by the respondent for any other purpose, distributed to, or shared with any other person or organization.

DIGITAL VILLAGE SOLAR STREET LIGHT:In line with the vision of Digital India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (GoI) has envisaged of Digital Village with a view to showcase the transformation that Digital India Programme can bring to different stakeholders. Digital Village intends to provide a platform for availability of services such as telemedicine, tele education, street Lighting, Wi-Fi and skill development to the people at GP level. This project moves away from the traditional approach of e Governance projects and adopts a service based approach for the Digital Village.Solar Powered Street Light: We strive to install solar panel powered street light in the villages. Solar panels with battery backup for ensuring always-on, low-powered base-stations.

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