Counselling & Attendance Guidelines – Utkarsh Bangla
1 Download Links:
Purchase Morpho 1300 and connect to the local system of your training center.
Download the drivers/softwares from the following links:
Morpho Driver Link
32 BIT


64 BIT


Dot Net Framework Link


Counselling Software Link


Attendance Software Link


2 Counselling Process:
The counseling process of all the registered trainees as mentioned in Counselling Letter and trainers as notified by you to
PBSSD during the acceptance of the Counselling Letter is to be conducted only at the particular training center for which
the Counselling letter has been issued.
You have to send sms to candidates mentioning the exact time and date for the counselling process through the
portal. (log in to the portal -> trainee list -> put your center and batch id -> send sms with details)
You have to be precise in ensuring that fingerprints of all the 10 fingers of all trainees and trainers appearing for counselling
have been captured through biometric devices by yourself and checked for duplication even before the counselling process
starts. PBSSD would not entertain any request in case you lose any trainee due to failure of carrying out the above
As a mandate set by PBSSD, you have to install biometric device along with a computing device (Laptop / Desktop Computer)
preloaded with Windows 7 or above Operating System attached with Internet facility in the training room to capture
attendance of trainees and trainers. The software setup process have been detailed out above.
Capturing of Bio-metric Details of the trainees and trainers:
The trainees and trainers would place their fingers against the morpho 1300 device as shown below:

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