Father tried to sell seven months baby!

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A long shimmering car parked in front of the shop. When the driver came down from the seat, he took a seven-month-old baby out of the back seat and lifted it in the lap. The person then entered the shop. Buy something No, he does not seem to be in his conversation with the manager of his shop. Rather than showing the child what he’s going to say. The picture was caught in the CCTV footage of the shop. And the manager comes face to face with the truth. It is known that the person who came to sell his child! The manager told the whole incident about the manager. What has spread is staggering.

The incident is the Sarasota in Florida. Brian Slokam of the year’s third year entered a bikini store on Tuesday. With him was a seven-month-old child. He also recorded the entire incident on camera until he left the entrance. As well as his racket caught on the street and shop CCTV But Richard Jordan, who owns the shop, knows that Brian’s intention is to sell the child, while not wasting time, he told the police. Immediately the US citizen Brian searched for the police. The CCTV footage of the shop was tried to know his identity. Police wants help from the public to protect the child. Requested to see the person named Brian, as soon as 911, the phone was informed. According to the police, there was no report of any missing children in the area.

But the news of the sale of baby in the afternoon spread all over the news. Local media started to look into this news. Brianne also reached the ear. He then contacted the police. But the police can go to his house and find out the whole story. Brian said, it’s a fun trick. His relatives told him to make funny videos, so this initiative is so intense. Brian’s teachers did not really like the police. Although no complaint was filed against him.

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