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Join CSC Help Whatsapp group , :-

17 no. WhatsApp Group) Join Now >>>  Click Now

You cannot share viral & spam contant in this group and also maintain ruls and ragulation in whatsapp group, This group onli for whatsapp use purpose, not save any contact and not inbox privetly , if you maintain this ruls, join our whatsapp group below link :-

Facebook group :-

Telegram Group :-

You are requested to dont share spam content

Email Email:- Website official website :- Linkedin Medium About Reddit Producthunt Quora

Websiteofficial website :-

rules for join whatsapp group :

  1. Dont share malware content 
  2. whatsapp group is an admin massage only 
  3. share only csc related content
  4. dont massage privately admin
  5. not share any link
  6. if any illegal   activity , you are blocked from whatsapp group
  7. its not an csc official whatsapp group
  8. its only csc vles own group to help each others 

How to join Whatsapp Group

this csc wshatsapp group is an vle help group, not an csc official group, you join csc this group & get update day by day

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