CSC Champion VLE Program Live On Csc portal , Registration started

“Champion VLE Program”

As you are aware that there are a whole lot of activity which are happening at the VLE level these activities not only enables lot of new business opportunities for the VLEs but also pose challenges related to capacity building of all the VLEs.To build a robust support structure for the VLEs, CSC SPV management team has recommended to identify one VLE at each block across India by implementing the “CHAMPION VLE PROGRAM”. Under this program Identified VLE at block level will act as a mentor and Support structure to all the VLEs in his / her block.

Following activities may be performed by Champion VLE of the Block

  • Attend the Train the Trainer programme before any new product is launched.
  • Train the VLEs of the Block on products that are offered by CSC SPV.
  • Support the VLEs of the block so that all of them earn as per their potential.
  • Handhold the VLEs in order to establish the Rural Product Distribution model.
  • Act as a nodal point for the Billing and Distribution of products.
  • Act as a collection and replacement point for defective products.
  • Act as a hub for logistics management for E commerce players and other Service providers like Post office etc..
  • Work as a Sub- distributor of the Products that are offered on portal for the VLEs and other than VLE retail channel.
  • Must ensure that no VLE of the Block is engaged in unethical practices.
  1. Fill the champion VLE registration form available on Brand Cart and Pay a non-refundable fee of Rs.10,000. CSC SPV will keep the amount only for the finalised VLE and refund the amount to others.
  2. Individual applying for “Block level Champion” must be a active VLE.
  3. VLE must be a go getter who can act as a leader of the block.
  4. The applying VLE must be a member of Registered Legal entity like Pvt. Ltd/ Proprietorship / Partnership etc.. , The legal entity is required for billing purpose (GST specific – billing and Shipping of goods and services).
  5. The applying VLE must have Investment Capacity to stock Products to service VLE and Non VLE retailers.
  6. Since most of the VLEs will qualify the above mentioned criteria if there is competition we may look at the below mentioned criteria also for the short listing of the VLE.
  7. Tenure of VLE with CSC SPV.
  8. Count of the services offered by the VLE on Digital Seva Portal or other portals connected with CSC SPV.
  1. Separate reception area.
  2. 8 counters consisting of 1 computer in each counter installed for delivering CSC services.
  3. One training cum support area consisting of two computers.
  1. In Services – Champion VLE will be entitled to receive 2% of CSC channel commission resulting from portal transaction performed by the VLE of his/her block.
  2. In Products – Shall get (Sub Distributor Margin + Retailer Margin) for products procured from Brand cart on
  1. The registration for the above mentioned opportunity is open for limited period.
  2. In case the identified VLE does not perform as per the expectations, CSC SPV will be free to identify another VLE from the same block for the above mentioned work.
  3. CSC SPV may sign an agreement in this regard with concerned stake holder.
Updated: October 21, 2019 — 7:19 pm