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    1. Educational qualification should be preferably a graduate or minimum HS or 12TH Standard
    2. Candidate should be minimum 20 years of
    3. Person with basic computer literacy & accounting knowledge to be
    4. Candidate should NOT be a CSP of other
    5. Candidate should be a resident of the village/area located within the Service Area for which he/she is going to be engaged and he/she should be conversant with the local dialect. The CSP Point is also to be set up within the villages of the allotted SSA.
    6. He/she should not be a member of any political/religious organization.
    7. He/she MUST NOT be defaulter with banks / societies / financial institutions, etc.
    8. Candidate MUST NOT have any criminal record/
    9. Candidate must have a PAN card or at least have applied for the same.



  1. State Office will intimate to the Area Manager, Asstt. Manager, Sr. FO/FO names of the SSAs where new CSPs are to be
  2. Accordingly, the FOs in consultation with their respective Area Manager/Asstt. Manager will primarily select 2/3 ideal locations for the proposed Customer Service Point and intimate the same to State On comparative study and potential of all these locations, State Office will finalize the location of the new CSP. If required, they may visit the locations.


  1. FO/ FO will primarily identify at least 2-3 candidates for a single CSP location. The candidates should satisfy the eligibility criteria as stated above.


  1. FO/ FO will undertake initial screening by way of undertaking due diligence exercise about the candidates in the locality. He/ she will provide the application forms (Annexure I) to the intending candidates who are found suitable prima facie and collect the same duly filled in and signed by the candidates and referees. Area Manager/Asstt. Manager shall assist the FO in identification of suitable candidates.


  1. FO/ FO will send the scanned copy of the applications duly recommended by him and Area Manager/Asstt. Manager to State office.


  1. The State Office, on scrutiny of the particulars, will undertake interview with the candidates over phone as per Interview Sheet/Score Sheet annexed hereto (Annexure II).


  1. If the candidate scores the minimum qualifying marks (at least 60%) and is considered suitable by the State Office, it will intimate the Area Manager/ Asstt. Manager and Sr. FO/ FO, the name of successful candidate asking them to proceed further for completion of all necessary formalities. Mere selection of candidate in the interview cannot be construed as his/her engagement as BCA in the Company. The engagement will be effective only on confirmation of State Office to this effect and observance of all necessary


  1. On receipt of the names of selected candidate from State Office, the Sr. FO/FO will provide the Registration Kit (SUVIDHA) to him/her and will get it duly filled in and signed by the Registration Kit is also to be signed jointly by the concerned Sr. FO/FO and Area Manager/Asstt. Manager. They will also ask such candidates to purchase two separate demand drafts as below.
    • 15000/- + GST as non-refundable processing fees and
    • 20000/- towards refundable Security Deposit

The above amounts of processing fees and security deposit are as applicable currently and are subject to change subsequently. The payments must be made online by fund transfer (NEFT).

  1. The selected candidate, on the date as intimated by State Office, will visit the State Office along with the application form, registration kit and two DDs together with the following
  • KYC documents (Photo Identity and Address Proof)
  • PAN card or acknowledgement of PAN application
  • Receipted copy of application seeking police verification
  • No Dues certificate or satisfactory credit report from Bank/FSCS/FI;
  • Requisite land documents(establishing the ownership of the land of the candidate/near relatives or the landlord, as the case may be):

Photo copies of all documents are to be verified by the concerned Sr. FO/FO certifying “Verified with the original”.

  1. All necessary formalities including execution of agreement etc. will be completed at State Office. On meticulous scrutiny of all the papers/documents, State Office will issue Engagement Letter and Introduction Letter to


  1. Fingerprints of the new CSP will be recorded in the biometric device in presence of State Office officials, fingerprints would be recorded in presence of the Area Manager/Asstt. Manager or filed


  1. State Office technical team will install KIOSK software in agent’s computer/laptop and will also provide basic training to the new CSPs on handling of KIOSK, their dutiesand responsibilities, Code of Conduct, Dos & Don’ts etc.


  1. The new CSP, going back to his/her place, will hand over the copy of engagement letter and introduction letter to concerned Sr. FO/FO who, in turn, will submit the same to Base Branch requesting the branch to open a Settlement A/c in the name of new CSP and get the new CSP introduced with the branch head and other bank


During the period the engagement process, suitable premises for the new CSP is to be finalized by the Sr. FO/FO and is to be intimated to State Office furnishing all necessary information on the new CSP center as per format prescribed for CSP Verification together with a photograph of the center. Area Manager/Asstt. Manager shall assist the Sr. FO/FO in finalization of the premises.


Annexure I





DN-27, Mira Tower, 2nd floor

Near RS Software, Sector-V, Salt Lake City



Dear Sirs,


I come to know that your organization have been providing Business Correspondence services to Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank and for the matter you are seeking contractual engagement of field agents as Bank Mitra/ Customer Service Point/BCA under BGVB, ………………..

Branch for engagement/replacement of Bank Mitra in …………….SSA, under………….. Block




I do hereby offer my candidature for engagement as a Bank Mitra/BCA/customer service point in a suitable location. I have been made aware of the nature of job and possess the qualification, background and financial standing required for the assignment. My Bio Data and other relevant information are appended for your kind consideration.


Yours faithfully,



(Signature of the Applicant)







  1. Name:
  2. Father’s / Husband’s Name:
  3. Spouse Name:
  4. Gender:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. Nationality:
  7. Highest Educational Qualification:(Copies of all certificates enclosed)
  8. Professional/ Other Qualifications:(Copies of all certificates enclosed)
  9. Experience, if any:
  10. Present Residential Address
  11. (with PIN code), (Residence must be within the villages under the SSA, applied for engagement):
  12. Mobile Number:
  13. Alternate Contract Number:
  14. Present Occupation:
  15. of Family Members (Adult & Child) / Principal earning member of family & his/her occupation:
  16. Average Present Monthly Income (Self):
  17. Total Monthly Family Income:
  18. Location of the CSP Point Applied for (must be within the villages under the SSA, applied forengagement) :
  19. Approximate Value of Assets and Liability:




Liabilities (Rs.)


Assets (Rs.)

Loan from Banks   Land  
Loan From Private Sources   House Property  
Others   Gold and Ornaments  
    Cash at Hand/ Bank  


  1. Present status of Bank Loan(s), if any:

(No Dues Certificate/Credit Report to be attached)

  1. Whether any Police case and/or criminal case ever initiated against; if so, present status ofthe case:




I do hereby declare that the information furnished by me hereinabove, is true and authentic to the best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of my giving any false information my candidature will automatically be cancelled. I have been made aware of the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement. I am ready to make necessary investment in infrastructure and will pay the stipulated fees and Security Deposits.



Date:                                                          Signature of the Applicant


We have verified the details furnished by the candidate, undertaken due diligence exercise and scrutinized his/ her antecedents and various other factors. The information given by the candidate is true/ only partially true. We recommend/ do not recommend the candidate for engagement (Fresh in vacant SSA // Replacement) as Bank Mitra in ………………..

SSA comprising ……………………………………………………………………………..(name                         of





Signature of Sr. FO/FO                                           Signature of Area Manager/Asstt. Manager

Date:                                                                          Date:


Certificate to be obtained Pradhan, Gram Panchayat / Gazetted Govt. Servant / Post Master / Tahsildar / / Govt. Teacher


This is to certify that Mr./Ms./Mrs.                                                                                                                    has been a resident                                                 of                                (complete                               permanent                               address)

For             years and holds a good character and reputation in the area. His photograph is attested below.

(Signature) Date: Name: Designation Address:






I hereby certify that                                                         has been a resident of                                                                  Village / town of                                                                            district in                                      State                                  for a period of                               years and has been known to me for period of                           years. He/she bears a good moral character.



Signature of Referee with Date & Office Seal

Name of Referee Designation: Address: Contact No.




I hereby certify that                                                         has been a resident of                                                                  Village / town of                                                                            district in                                      State                                  for a period of                               years and has been known to me for period of                           years. He/she bears a good moral character.



Signature of Referee with Date & Office Seal

Name of Referee Designation: Address: Contact No.



Annexure II






  1. Name of the Candidate:


  1. Capability of the Candidate to Set up a CSP and to provide the Processing Fee (Rs.15000/=) & Security Money Deposit (Rs.20000/=) :

[To be remitted by NEFT in the Bank A/C of STPL]


  1. Availability of Space and the Locality of the Proposed CSP (Own/Rented):


  1. Business Potentiality of the Area:


  1. Major Banks/Co-opt Society/Farmers’ Service Society Operating in the Area (Mention in specific):


  1. Major Occupation/ Livelihood of the Residents of the service area villages:


  1. Any other issue:



(Minimum Qualifying Marks 24 out of 40)




Parameter Criteria Marks Max. Marks Marks Scored
1 Residency i. Permanent Resident 4  


ii. Resident for 5 years 3
iii. Resident for less than 5 years 2
2 Reputation

in locality


i. Having Excellent reputation 5  


ii. Having Good reputation 3
iii. Having satisfactory reputation 2
3 Age i. Between 20 and 35 years 5  


ii. Above 35 & up to 45 years 4
iii. Above 45 years 2
(All should have good should health)
4 Education i. Graduate & above 5 5  
ii. 12th Class Pass 3
5 Banking with i. BGVB 2  


ii. Other Banks 1
iii. No Bank A/C 0


6 No dues i. No dues/satisfactory credit report 2 2  
ii. Defaulter loanee -2    
7 Computer Literacy i. Yes 3 3  
ii. No 0
8 Police Report I. Nothing adverse 4 4  
ii. Adverse report 0
8 Suitable space of CSP I. Available & owned by the candidate 2  


ii. Available but not owned by the candidate 0
9 Present Occupation i. Agents of Small Savings Schemes of GOI or Insurance companies/ Retired Teacher/Retired Bank-

employee/Ex-servicemen/ Retd. Govt. employee










ii. Rural Kiosks / Medical Shop owner/ Fair Price shop owner / Kirana Shop owner/Individual PCO

operator/ Individual owning Petrol pumps.




iii. Agri. Clinics, etc. 1
10 Experience in above Occupation i. More than 2 years 2  


ii. Up to 2 years 1
iii. No experience 0
11 Annual Income i. Above Rs.50,000 3  


ii. Between Rs.30,000 and Rs.50,000 2
iii. Less than Rs.30,000 0
T O T A L 40  


Marks Scored:              


The applicant was interviewed by us. Based on the marks obtained in the scoring sheet, we recommend / NOT recommend his/her engagement as BCA in the Bank.






Signature of FO. /Sr. FO/Asst Manager/Area Manager

Signature of State Head






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