40 minutes in the middle of the sky is unconscious pilot!

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Your airplane in the middle of the sky suddenly became unconscious. Maybe you have never seen it? And 40 minutes in this condition fly in the sky! This has happened in Australia’s Adelaide recently. This tandem has been known to cause less sleep and not properly praying.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ASB) reported on March 9 this incident. A pilot of a beginner became unconscious during the flight. As a result of being unconscious, the ASB said that the driver did not sleep properly before the incident. Driven by a chocolate, energy drinkers and some water in the morning, the driver said.

The driver was flying alone. Diamond DA 40 aircraft carrying Parafield, adjacent to Adelaide, from South Australia’s Australia Airport. The driver was the only one on the plane. Smaller flights are made in Australia and Canada. These small aircrafts in the four seats contain only one engine.

By 11am, the plane entered the Adelaide sky without permission. Air traffic control tried to contact the airplane more than once. But no answer was found. At that time more one aircraft came closer. Then suddenly the pilot woke up. Upon awake, the pilot realized that he was wrong, he went back to Paraphild.

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