1000/- Per CSC Vle (csc-COVID19 Campaigning)

CSC SPV Announced that , All vle (CSC) are Get 1000/- for campaigning in this lockdown period , stat in local people & provide Digital Seba, You can check your digimail , To get more Details .

Digimail Massage are Below :-

Dear VLEs,

With a 21-day lockdown announced by the Government to combat Coronavirus pandemic across the country, it is our duty to assist citizens with access to digital services of telemedicine, banking etc.  

We are sharing with you few creatives in this mail which you  can take print-outs and display at your CSCs. These creatives are meant for creating awareness among citizens regarding access to online G2C services and some Government Apps.

Download the creatives from the link:


All VLEs have to take print outs of these creatives and display at their CSC prominently.

VLEs will get Rs. 1000 for displaying the creatives. Once the VLE puts up the creatives at the CSC, he/she will have to click 1-3 good quality photos of the same and upload on the given

link: http://pmevent.csc-services.in/?r=sessionimage/event&date=2020-03-29

After this, the VLE has to click photos of the creatives every 10 days for three times.

The amount will be released only after the VLE uploads photos on the link provided.

Let us rise to the occasion and help needy citizens with essential services during these trying times!



@ copy from digimail (CSC)

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