Some TC & TP Are Close In PBSSD (Reason Below) The Major Penalty Clauses for De-empanelment of Training Providers are: i. use of any kind Of fraudulent means, such as malware software, ghost trainees etc. to achieve targets in any of its affiliated centres ii. Training centre physically doesn’t exist at the address provided. iii. … Read more

Utkarsha Bangla – Non Project Mode full details

Utkarsh Bangla – Non Project Mode 2.1. Objectives 2.1.1. The objective of the Scheme is to skill individuals of minority category to empower them to engage in wage employment or self-employment leading to improved livelihood through increased earnings, and/or improved working conditions, and/or opportunities to move from informal to formal work sectors. 2.2. Strategy & … Read more

PBSSD-all about pbssd

About PBSSD Government of West Bengal is Committed towards large scale Skill development for its youth population to improve the scope of gainful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities under the WBSDM (West Bengal Skill Development Mission) chaired by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal. To ensure that the above commitment is met successfully the Department … Read more

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